Friday, April 1, 2011

Fa(t)shion Friday: Fashion Bug Print Emma Dress

The Clothes: Fashion Bug Print Emma Dress, Sz XL (S-3X)
The Store: Fashion Bug
The Price: $12 USD

Rehash Review, Pt. 2:
This week's reviews are all about rehashes. Favorite store had the most amazing fitting shoe or dress, but sold out before you could buy it? Never fear! Stores often use the same design, but update the pattern each season to match whatever the trend happens to be in style at the time. This is especially handy if you found something that fits amazingly, or, if you happened to have loved that article so much you wore it out and now need a replacement.

Pros: Flattering cut, Pattern hides "bumps".
I love the cut of this cute little spring dress. When worn where I wear it, it has a nice band under the bust that ties in the back to accent the waist, and some sliight ruching on the bust for added detail.

Have you ever stared at those "optical illusions" pictures trying to find a boat or whatever, and never did actually find it? The print on this dress is a lot like that. It seems to make all the little lumps, bumps, and lines disappear like magic, which is kind of nice when you have some pudge you aren't quite happy with.

Cons: Needs a roomier bust, Skirt needs to be longer.
I'm looking at the product pictures, and I see how they are wearing this dress, but thats just not how you're actually going to try and wear it in real life. You're going to try and wear the dress so the band sits under your breasts. And because of this, there isn't going to be enough fabric on top to cover your bra if you're wearing a "full cup" bra. As it is, it barely covers my lowest cut bra, simply because of my ample boobage. The skirt on this dress barely skims my knees, which for people taller than myself might be a pretty big problem since I'm on the short side.

The Verdict:
I like this dress, I'm willing to put up with my tiny annoyances with it. Its probably a better fit for someone sporting a smaller bust size than H. I like the patterns, I wish I would have gotten this dress in black when I had the chance though.

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