Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Favorite Things (Tips & Tricks)

I have to warn you, shopping on the cheap isn't for the faint of heart, its time intensive, and a lot of work (and thats *before* trying to put an outfit together). But, I do what I can to help out, so here are some tips, tricks, and a few of my favorite resources (not all are "cheap/discount" but have good sales).

General clothing tips:
-The general rule for dressing is that you want to mimic an hourglass figure, so that your top and bottom half are in proportion.
-Dark wash jeans are flattering to curvaceous girls, especially pear and hourglass shaped ladies.
-Wear light/bright colors on what you want to emphasize, and dark colors on what you want to de-emphasize.
-If it doesnt have darts/seaming, dont buy it. 9/10 it will end up looking like a muumuu on you because the clothing won't fit your shape.

Tips for buying/acquiring clothing:
-Does your friend own a item of clothing you absolutely love? Try bartering for it. Offer a trade they may like from your own closet, or buy it at a discount (especially if they've worn it a few times, or its now out of season).
-Always check sales racks. If they don't have your size, try the size above, and a size below. Because of vanity sizing, the store's clothing sizes may not be the same as your true size.
-Most stores offer (FREE) discount cards, or if you sign up for their newsletters, they give you advance notice of sales, or sometimes members only sales (not too mention the discount you'll already be getting from the member's oard!).
-Thrift stores and bag sales are excellent places to shop for classic or vintage items. Dont spend a fortune on dress pants, when you may be able to find some in thrift (dress pants rarely come in colors other than a classic black, brown, grey, or navy).
-For buying new clothing, if it isn't a store brand, take down the product info, and search for it online. You can often find it much cheaper, but be wary of shipping, and factor it in to the price, otherwise you'll be in for a surprise!!
-Online, if a normal price seems too good to be true, it usually is. If you get stuck in a situation where the company isn't compliant after you've ordered, contact your local, and the company's local Better Business Bureau. They will often begin to comply just so the BBB doesn't get involved.

My favorite overall clothing store:
Fashion Bug / Lane Bryant

Other clothing stores:
Additionelle / Penningtons
Forever 21+
ASOS Curve
City Chic
eShakti Clothing

My favorite corset/lingerie store:
Wedding Checklist
(highly recommended, I have bought from them a few times, excellent service)

Other corset/lingerie shops:
Hips and Curves
Corset Wholesale
Big Gals Lingerie

Other clothing:

We Love Color
Plus Sized Qipao/Chengosam (check ALL, not just plus sized category)

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