Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Shoe Review: Mossimo Gold Heels

The Shoe: Mossimo Gold Heels, Sz, 11
The Store: Goodwill
The Price: $6 USD

In my travels, I've found that Brand name stores (such as Target) will donate BRAND NEW, unsold items to thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army. It could be because its a style that just didn't sell well, or in this case sizes that didn't sell (usually larger like Sz. 10-11, or smaller, Sz. 5-6). With shoes - in North America, there are two standards of sizing, which vary about a half size from each other. Much like with clothes, if they don't have your size, you may want to try the next size up or down from what you normally wear, because it may end up fitting you anyway.

Pros: Comfortable, Flattering style.
I'm not going to lie, when I bought these, it was for looks alone, but i soon found out they were more than just a pretty shoe. The patten on the top creates a bit of an optical illusion, and even though they are a size 11, with a low heel...they dont make my feet look like I'm wearing clown shoes. Thats a pretty big plus for me since, lets face it, I have huge, wide feet. The pad of the shoe is also wider (no squished toes!) and slightly padded for a more comfortable walking experience.

Cons: Not true to size, thin heel.
These shoes aren't true to size, and if you ordered them offline by number alone, you might end up with something you didnt want. However, size is just a number and if you read measurements this shouldn't be a problem. My one real gripe with this pretty shoe is that the heels don't feel particularly sturdy - in higher-end shoes, heels are often reinforced with a small metal rod that is securely attached to the rest of the shoe. However, this is not a high-end brand, and I get the feeling this heel couldn't take a lot of abuse. Not that you should abuse your heels anyway...

The Verdict:
For $6, I'd buy them again. I love the way they looks, and I'm willing to forgive the fact that they're not-so-sturdy.

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