Thursday, April 21, 2011

Double Post! The Shoe Review and Fa(t)shion Friday!

The Shoe: Fioni Barbie Shoes, Sz. 10
The Store: Payless
The Price: $18 USD

These shoes are a staple of my "interesting items" wardrobe - you know, those items you wear out specifically as a point of conversation. Although I cant wear them all the time, I love them for a good night out.

Pros: Unique color, Grippy Heels, Pointed toe doesn't pinch.
Unlike most heels, what I love love love about these, is the heel/pad of the foot is made of a grippy rubbery material, so you don't accidentally slip on slick surfaces. You have NO IDEA how wonderful this is, and honestly, I dont know why more heels dont use this. The color is what truly grabbed me though. Lets face it, I have probably 10 pairs of black heels for every occasion, but I love these more than all of those combined, simply because they're so different from every thing else I have. The toe of these heels, although pointed, isn't so narrow that it pinches your toes. Happy toes = happy feet.

Cons: Heel Height/Width.
I can't be the only person out there that has trouble walking in heels, otherwise I don't think they'd make thick heels, or kitten heels. These are probably the thinnest heels I'd wear without worrying they're going to snap off. (Okay, I still worry, but that's besides the point).

The Verdict:
If these shoes had been more expensive, I probably wouldn't have bought them, simply because I have a hard time walking in them. I love the color though, so, for this time atleast, I couldn't pass them up.


The Clothes: Floral Wrap Dress, Sz. 2X
The Store: Fashion Bug (USA)
The Price: $20 USD

Pros: Hides imperfections, modest length, two ways to wear it.
When I first bought this dress, I was a little apprehensive, because I'd never owned a *real* wrap dress, and I was worried something might happen and my dress would accidentally come undone, and I'd flash someone (or some other nonsense). None of this has ever happened, and honestly, now I know its kind of silly of me to have thought this. I like that this dress hits just below the knee on me, and makes for a nice, modest Easter/family gathering type dress. Its quick to slip on and go, and the all over floral pattern works wonders to hide any little lumps and bumps. I found two ways to wear it - as shown in the first picture, tied to the side, or after I lost a little weight, I found I could tie it all the way around my waist to define it a bit more.

Cons: Low cut when worn as shown.
My one real gripe with this dress is, being bigger busted, my bras come up rather high on the chest, making v-neck, and low cut things hard to wear. As was expected, this didn't come up high enough to cover the top of my bra, and I ended up having to pin it in the middle, to keep it from gaping and showing my bra.

The Verdict:
This dress is getting a bit too big on me, which sadly means I'll probably have to get rid of it soon, but given the chance, I'd buy it again (especially if I could find it in a size smaller this time around). I love it for when I want to quick slip on something nice looking to go out, or for a day when I just feel like wearing a cute, springy outfit.

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